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The managed resource API

The managed resource API

Posted Mar 1, 2007 21:29 UTC (Thu) by massimiliano (subscriber, #3048)
In reply to: The managed resource API by rwmj
Parent article: The managed resource API

I'm interested!

Any link to a "readable" paper with a comparison of their approaches, or anyway some more detailed information?

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The managed resource API

Posted Mar 1, 2007 21:55 UTC (Thu) by rwmj (subscriber, #5474) [Link]

There is a lot of details about the guts here, written by one of the aforementioned experts:

I'm afraid that I don't know of any readable introduction to the OCaml internals. However if you are
really interested then I'd recommend you read this chapter from the manual:

It took me about a year of on-again off-again reading to understand exactly how clever the runtime
representation of types is which the above chapter describes.

For a general introduction to OCaml,


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