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Who wrote 2.6.20?

Who wrote 2.6.20?

Posted Feb 24, 2007 11:05 UTC (Sat) by bockman (guest, #3650)
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Parent article: Who wrote 2.6.20?

Well, for one thing often you can accomplish something equivalent with 1000 lines of dumb code or with 300 lines of very smart code. Most of the programming effort is going into figuring out the 'commonalities' between potential code blocks and write customizable code ( loops, routines, classes, templates) that exploit said commonalities. But the more time a developer spends in this kind of exercise, the shorter the final code would result.

I don't say that LOC measurements are meaningless. Just that they are statistics and should not used outside of this context ( for instance should not be used to measure the productivity of a developer or even a team ).


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Who wrote 2.6.20?

Posted Mar 1, 2007 21:00 UTC (Thu) by jboorn (guest, #43808) [Link]

So what. You can write reallly slow naive brute force code for some problem with 300 lines. Or you can you use a fancy complicated algorithm that takes 1000 lines of code, but is much faster.

In this case the code is for the same project and I think using lines of code with in a project is good enough for the analysis sought here.

It is a bit annoying to see the same argument about lines of code count come up that is pointless. Sure it is possible to find examples of code that is smaller and as efficient (or more efficient) than a given larger implementation. But, that does not exclude the existence of larger code that is more desirable for a given project based on a meteric other than executable size.

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