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Compress data, gain performance

Compress data, gain performance

Posted Feb 9, 2007 11:54 UTC (Fri) by robbe (guest, #16131)
In reply to: Compress data, gain performance by dvdeug
Parent article: Embedded Linux: Using Compressed File Systems

Remember that this article talks about "Embedded Linux", so your CPU is
typically puny in comparison with the CPUs you seem to think of.
Furthermore, the "disk" is often flash memory: slower than DRAM, but much
faster than a harddisk.

Benchmark results for various compressed vs. standard filesystems on a
laptop (i.e. slow mass media, fast CPU) was linked to in the article:

My guess is that the dividing line lies between desktop/laptop and
embedded machines.

I suspect what is holding back compression as a standard fs feature in
desktop/laptop systems is the complexity of fragmentation-avoidance in
the write-often case, and that the really big data (images, films, music)
is often compressed anyway (and by means better than general purpose
algorithms can offer).

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