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Who owns your domain?

Who owns your domain?

Posted Feb 2, 2007 21:18 UTC (Fri) by cventers (guest, #31465)
Parent article: Who owns your domain?

As someone who has manned various websites and projects over the years, I
would willingly pay a premium for a hosting provider and registrar that
would pen a contract that says "We will not under any circumstances
knowingly interrupt your service without a court order or
properly-processed DMCA takedown notice". It's absolutely ridiculous that
hosting providers don't already have this standard.

Oh, and I should note that I'm willing to pay this premium even though
I've never hosted anything remotely questionable.

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Who owns your domain?

Posted Feb 11, 2007 15:26 UTC (Sun) by Duncan (guest, #6647) [Link]

Sounds like what is known as "bullet proof hosting".

As it was when I viewed it (permanent link):

The problem with such clauses is that it allows the spammers safe haven as
well. Legitimate hosting companies reserve the right to take it down
under certain conditions, generally including if it has been part of a
spamming operation and they start getting many complaints about that.
Note that alternative anti-spammer action taken if they do /not/ take it
down is often blackholing entire IP blocks, often including many entirely
innocent sites along with the spammer(s). How'd you like to be one
of /those/ innocent victims? Get on a provider that includes the language
you propose, and you /will/ find yourself inaccessible from portions of
the net due to this blackholing, because spammers /will/ be taking
advantage of it too, even if you yourself have nothing to do with the
spammers other than having the misfortune of having chosen the same
hosting provider due to their "bullet proof hosting" language.

I'm simply pointing out that the problem is rather more complex than it
might first appear, but it does explain why basically zero legitimate
hosting providers will have that sort of language. Spam's as big an issue
(arguably bigger) as this is.


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