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Who owns your domain?

Who owns your domain?

Posted Feb 1, 2007 10:10 UTC (Thu) by emj (guest, #14307)
Parent article: Who owns your domain?

Most of the censorship attempts are for the full-disclosure list. It would be easiest just to cease archiving that list,

Well that might be a good idea, if one isn't intent on removing illegal stuff from it. Doesn't matter if MySpace users are ordinary people, who can't keep their password secret, it's still no good publishing/archiving them. Though I wouldn't ever use GoDaddy, especially after this.

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We do remove inappropriate posts

Posted Feb 1, 2007 11:49 UTC (Thu) by fyodor (guest, #3481) [Link]

We do remove inappropriate posts when they are brought to our attention. But MySpace never bothered to ask us to remove the page -- they simply persuaded GoDaddy to nuke the whole domain. Our contact information is all over the site, and our email address and phone number is also available in the public whois. We also take removal requests at We quickly comply with reasonable requests, and publicly mock the unreasonable ones.

In any case, a service like MySpace should ALWAYS disable the accounts and notify the users immediately when it finds valid password files on the Web. To think you can just shut down the web sites and pretend the breach never happened is ridiculous. The list is still widely available via a simple Google search.


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