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lsscsi-0.19 released

From:  Douglas Gilbert <>
Subject:  lsscsi-0.19 released
Date:  Thu, 25 Jan 2007 17:43:45 -0500

lsscsi is a utility that uses sysfs in linux 2.6 series kernels
to list information about SCSI devices and SCSI hosts. Both a
compact format (default) which is one line per device and a
"classic" format (like the output of 'cat /proc/scsi/scsi') are

Version 0.19 is available at
More information can be found on that page including examples
and a Download section for tarballs, rpm and deb packages.
This version adds transport specific information.

Version 0.19 2007/1/25
  - add transport information (target + initiator)
    - start with FC, SAS, SPI, iSCSI and SBP
    - alter ISCSI for 2.6.20 changes
  - SAS fix for lk 2.6.20 (SYSFS_DEPRECATED=n)
  - enhance host name search when proc_name is "<NULL>"
  - implement filter option for '--hosts'
    - accept 'host<n>' as first item in filter to mean host <n>
  - output more host attributes when '-Hll' given
  - add '--list' (or '-L') option output attribute=value
    entries, one per line

Doug Gilbert
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