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Tracing behind the firewall

Tracing behind the firewall

Posted Jan 12, 2007 23:27 UTC (Fri) by rise (guest, #5045)
Parent article: Tracing behind the firewall

As Zalewski acknowledges in the full-disclosure thread, 0trace is very similar to Dan Kaminski's paratrace (parasitic traceroute) from a few years ago. The primary difference seems to be that it's sacrificing the original connection for a better success rate. I suspect that this is a tradeoff based on when the tools were written, paratrace always worked very well for me. In fact it's very unfortunate that the paketto keiretsu suite doesn't compile on anything modern, there are some great tools for any admin in there. The scanrand stateless port and address scanner makes enumerating all the hosts in a large block and verifying they're not running anything they shouldn't be much faster than using traditional port scanners.

All in all, 0trace still looks like a very useful tool on rare occasions.

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Tracing behind the firewall

Posted Jan 18, 2007 19:40 UTC (Thu) by dag- (subscriber, #30207) [Link]

You can find paketto packages for various Red Hat/CentOS/Fedora distributions starting from EL2.1 up to EL4 and they still build on recent distributions. Granted, they are based on release 1.10 and not on the newer (but fairly old) 2.00pre releases. The 2.00 releases never build on anything despite all my efforts :)

The packages are available from:

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