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krb5: uninitialized pointers

Package(s):krb5 CVE #(s):CVE-2006-6143 CVE-2006-3084
Created:January 10, 2007 Updated:July 7, 2010
Description: The kdamind daemon can, in some situations, perform operations on uninitialized pointers. This bug could conceivably open up the system to a code execution attack by an unauthenticated remote attacker, but it appears to be difficult to exploit. See this advisory for details.
Mandriva MDVSA-2010:129 heimdal 2010-07-07
Gentoo 200701-21 mit-krb5 2007-01-24
Ubuntu USN-408-1 krb5 2007-01-15
rPath rPSA-2007-0006-1 krb5 2007-01-11
Mandriva MDKSA-2007:008 krb5 2006-01-10
SuSE SUSE-SA:2007:004 krb5 2007-01-10
OpenPKG OpenPKG-SA-2007.006 kerberos 2007-01-10
Fedora FEDORA-2007-033 krb5 2007-01-09
Fedora FEDORA-2007-034 krb5 2007-01-09

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krb5: uninitialized pointers

Posted Sep 21, 2007 14:46 UTC (Fri) by kreutzm (guest, #4700) [Link]

Debian Sarge and Etch are not vulnerable.

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