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A Firefox PDF plugin XSS vulnerability

A Firefox PDF plugin XSS vulnerability

Posted Jan 5, 2007 12:14 UTC (Fri) by wookey (subscriber, #5501)
In reply to: A Firefox PDF plugin XSS vulnerability by pr1268
Parent article: A Firefox PDF plugin XSS vulnerability

I have not used acroread since about 2002 and in the last year or so I have found that just about all PDFs finally render fine under either evince or xpdf (it used to be necessary to try 2 or 3 free viewers and still some docs gave problems). But there are still things that acrobat does better than the free browsers (I have found two bugs in fairly obscure area grouping opacity (or something like that) and clipping in the last two weeks due to some intensive use of therion, which aparently do not occur in acrobat). And there is the form-filling thing, which I have never missed, but some people might.

I posit that most users would find the free PDF viewers entirely adequate these days, and certainly if Adobe's has this serious flaw then stopping using it is the obvious thing to do. Hopefully some people who haven't used the free viewers for years will try them again as a result of this and be pleasantly surprised at how well they work now.

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