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Second Life and Open Source

Second Life and Open Source

Posted Dec 22, 2006 9:23 UTC (Fri) by JohnNilsson (guest, #41242)
In reply to: Second Life and Open Source by mikov
Parent article: Second Life and Open Source

If you truly believe that a world limited only by what people create will be "no fun at all" you obviously never experienced what the rest of us would refer to as "imagination".

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Second Life and Open Source

Posted Dec 22, 2006 19:01 UTC (Fri) by mikov (subscriber, #33179) [Link]

Big words. Obviously you think that people can enjoy themselves in a
virtual environment which is not based on the real world; to exist as pure
thought without form or boundary, sail freely limited only by imagination,
exchange untethered ideas, etc, etc (bla, bla, bla). What a beautiful
idea, sadly without much substance.

People like to eat, to have sex, to dance, to play sports, to own a nice
car, or at least to pretend to. It all boils to basic, primitive things.
In a virtual world they want to experience things they can't really do in
the real world - it is a form of escapism.

I predict that the next step for virtual worlds will be to make them
resemble the real world even more - wearing 3D goggles, special gloves,
etc. Let's not kid ourselves - the ultimate goal of course is to make
cybersex seem real.

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