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Second Life and Open Source

Second Life and Open Source

Posted Dec 21, 2006 18:32 UTC (Thu) by rwmj (subscriber, #5474)
In reply to: Second Life and Open Source by mikov
Parent article: Second Life and Open Source

I don't see the connection. Second Life is a game. People want to pretend they are in the real world there. In the real world you can't arbitrarily copy physical objects.

Sure, in this game. But as I understand it we're talking about vendors in the game selling digital objects and then (*gasp*) complaining because they can be copied.

Don't get me wrong. I want this to happen. I hate trusted computing. However, XBox was only Microsoft's first attempt in trusted computing. They are bound to get better at it and it will become progressively harder to break their next attempts. For example if everything is on a single chip, it is practically unbreakable.

I really doubt that even a single chip / combined processor + TPM will be unbreakable. This assumes for a start that MS are capable of writing software without any type of buffer overflow or other exploitable bug. Not just that they fix their bugs, but that they never ever (not even once) write one in the first place, because as soon as trusted software is out there which contains such a bug (even if it has been fixed in a later release) the platform is vulnerable. That's before we even start on hardware attacks.


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