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Mozilla stuff: multiple vulnerabilities

Package(s):firefox thunderbird seamonkey CVE #(s):CVE-2006-6497 CVE-2006-6498 CVE-2006-6501 CVE-2006-6502 CVE-2006-6503 CVE-2006-6504 CVE-2006-6505
Created:December 20, 2006 Updated:March 12, 2007
Description: The Mozilla Project has released new versions of firefox, thunderbird, and seamonkey to address the usual pile of security issues; see this announcement or this CERT advisory for details.
Debian DSA-1265-1 mozilla 2007-03-10
Debian DSA-1258-1 mozilla-firefox 2007-02-07
Debian DSA-1253-1 mozilla-firefox 2006-01-27
Ubuntu USN-398-4 firefox 2007-01-27
SuSE SUSE-SA:2007:006 mozilla 2007-01-12
Mandriva MDKSA-2007:011 mozilla-thunderbird 2007-01-11
Mandriva MDKSA-2007:010 mozilla-firefox 2007-01-11
Gentoo 200701-04 seamonkey 2007-01-10
Ubuntu USN-400-1 mozilla-thunderbird 2007-01-04
Gentoo 200701-03 mozilla-thunderbird 2007-01-04
Gentoo 200701-02 mozilla-firefox 2007-01-04
Ubuntu USN-398-2 firefox 2007-01-03
Ubuntu USN-398-3 firefox 2007-01-04
Ubuntu USN-398-1 firefox 2007-01-02
Fedora FEDORA-2006-004 thunderbird 2007-01-02
rPath rPSA-2006-0234-2 firefox 2006-12-22
SuSE SUSE-SA:2006:080 MozillaFirefox,MozillaThunderbird 2006-12-29
Slackware SSA:2006-357-03 seamonkey 2006-12-25
Slackware SSA:2006-357-01 mozilla 2006-12-25
Slackware SSA:2006-357-02 mozilla 2006-12-25
rPath rPSA-2006-0234-1 firefox 2006-12-22
Fedora FEDORA-2006-1499 firefox 2006-12-21
Fedora FEDORA-2006-1491 thunderbird 2006-12-20
Fedora FEDORA-2006-1492 devhelp 2006-12-20
Red Hat RHSA-2006:0759-01 seamonkey 2006-12-19
Red Hat RHSA-2006:0760-01 thunderbird 2006-12-19
Red Hat RHSA-2006:0758-01 firefox 2006-12-19

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