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Second Life and Open Source

Second Life and Open Source

Posted Dec 16, 2006 15:34 UTC (Sat) by dps (subscriber, #5725)
Parent article: Second Life and Open Source

It should not be rocket science to make objects copy-edivent, for example by attaching a serial number and digital signature. Changing the serial number means the signature is invalid and tesing for re-use of the same serial number should be too difficult. Of course those with the private version of an authorised signature could charge people for using of it.

High fixed costs and much lower per unit costs and not new. Cars, books, films, screws, bricks and almost anything else that is manufcatcured have costs structured this way to a some extent. Extremely high cretaion to reproduction ratio non technical items would include bank notes.

The creatation to reproduction cost ratio for information, and especially digital infomration, is obviosuly much higher than that for items like pencil sharpners.

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Second Life and Open Source

Posted Dec 16, 2006 17:23 UTC (Sat) by drag (subscriber, #31333) [Link]

How much do you suppose they could charge for a car were the per unit cost was $0.000001?

Second Life and Open Source

Posted Jan 4, 2007 23:44 UTC (Thu) by zotz (guest, #26117) [Link]

Seems to me a lot of these things could be dealt with in the realm of Trademarks.

You can copy my design all you want, but if you use my trademark or logo, you are breaking the law.


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