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Video editing in Linux, it *is* possible ... also in HDV

Video editing in Linux, it *is* possible ... also in HDV

Posted Nov 24, 2006 11:21 UTC (Fri) by MarcinKostur (guest, #41864)
Parent article: Video editing in Linux, it *is* possible

Dear LWN,

Since 2 years I am a cinelerra user. I spent probably few hundred
hours working with this software, editing my amateur clips with
free flying.

Cinelerra does very good job in DV editing. Recently it started to
do "compositing" in OpenGL hardware, which i think is a killer feature.
It makes possible to have real time playback of real time effects.
Apart of few bugs/hacks - you have to know about (e.g. is the export
should be better one exactly as described in this article),
cinelerra runs perfectly.

Another interesting feature is that it is not limited to DV. You can
edit arbitrary video with cinelerra. For example, since 1month i edit
only HDV (1080x1440) video. It requires a lot of CPU, but is is
possible.Thus this article should be called "HDV editing in linux
is possible for few years" ;-)
Proof of principle can be found on my homepage with all videos
i edited (one in HDV):

Bad thing about cinelerra is that it cannot run on win32.
It is a pity, but since it is writetn in qt, perhaps somebody
could think about making a port.... Once. ;-)
Cinelerra delivers the capabilities of ?000$ commercial applications,
but requires some polishing and the increase of user spectrum could
possibly spur the development. (as in blender case).

Also I have is very funny observation in OS: there is quite a big
the interest in 3d modelling software: blender has huge community,
It is much bigger than video editing community. Why is that so?

the best


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