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Virtual Machines and Memory Protections

Virtual Machines and Memory Protections

Posted Nov 22, 2006 19:24 UTC (Wed) by bluefoxicy (guest, #25366)
In reply to: Virtual Machines and Memory Protections by jospoortvliet
Parent article: Virtual Machines and Memory Protections

> so security isn't a C# or java advantage, on the contrary. nor is performance. what is, then?

The language itself is type-safe and memory safe, which is a huge advantage. See the big comment for an explanation of threats and mitigations for type-unsafe languages. A third solution is to use a new language that doesn't suffer those particular flaws, which is what C# and Java are.

It may be possible to run some C# programs exclusively using AOT compilation. Programs that don't use reflection (I suspect most) would be perfectly safe to pre-compile and load with the AOT mechanism. Things like IKVM or IronPython .. well, they need JIT or they become excessively slow.

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