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Java and Memory Protections

Java and Memory Protections

Posted Nov 22, 2006 19:16 UTC (Wed) by bluefoxicy (guest, #25366)
In reply to: Java and Memory Protections by jwb
Parent article: Virtual Machines and Memory Protections

> The nice thing about Java is you can easily forbid calling native code.

C# can do this as well. The thing is, sometimes you actually need the functionality present in the native libraries. F-Spot uses libpng to show PNG images, and libjpeg to show JPEGs. As well, Mono uses Gecko and .NET uses IE to supply the Internet Explorer Web control from .NET, which has obvious implications; if you want to write a Web browser, are you going to be forced to write it all in C#, including render engine?

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Java and Memory Protections

Posted Nov 22, 2006 19:22 UTC (Wed) by jwb (guest, #15467) [Link]

I don't see why not. Java provides pure Java (not native) PNG and JPEG routines, as well as pure Java cryptography, pure Java compression, and the rest. Oh, and there are also pure Java web browsers.

Java and Memory Protections

Posted Nov 22, 2006 19:25 UTC (Wed) by bluefoxicy (guest, #25366) [Link]

Sun Java does. What about GNU Classpath? Kaffe? Project Harmony? IKVM?

Java and Memory Protections

Posted Dec 3, 2006 12:57 UTC (Sun) by fjalvingh (guest, #4803) [Link]

One good reason to go native is performance.. Although Java performance is usually great you can get huge performance gains using assembly for specialized problems (like image encoding/decoding/filtering for instance)

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