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2006 Linux and free software timeline: October

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Every time a Red Hat executive asks "how many Fedora users are out there?" and we answer "oh, somewhere between 100k and a few million," we make it *that* much more difficult to defend Fedora from bad Red Hat decisions.

-- Greg DeKoenigsberg

Slackware 11.0 is released (announcement).

Portland 1.0, a set of common interfaces for GNOME and KDE, is released (announcement).

BayStar reveals that Microsoft was behind the funding of the SCO Group in 2003 (Groklaw).

The Kororaa distribution stops shipping proprietary kernel modules after being accused of violating the GPL (announcement).

You would sacrifice freedom hoping to gain it back at a later date. Has that retarded American ethos really now penetrated all the way into the core of the Linux community? The last thing we expected was a bunch of woosy traitors in our midst!

-- Theo de Raadt

OpenBSD leader Theo de Raadt attacks the One Laptop Per Child project for developing device drivers under non-disclosure agreements (article).

Hans Reiser is arrested on suspicion of murder (SFGate).

The Debian Project votes to release Etch on time despite lingering firmware issues (results). The project also declines to recall its leader.

Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth becomes the first patron of KDE (announcement).

The Linux Standard Base developer network launches (announcement).

Fundamentally, though, this is still free software in a proprietary wrapper. The pricing may be different, but it's still old-school thinking. I don't think anybody who will consider jumping to Ubuntu from Red Hat will pause very long on the Oracle option.

-- Mark Shuttleworth

Oracle launches a support service for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (press release).

Fedora Core 6 is released (announcement).

Firefox 2.0 is released (press release).

The SCO v. IBM trial is pushed back to September 2007 but we can look forward to dispositive motions in March (Groklaw).

IBM launches a patent suit against Amazon (Reuters).

The first Emacs 22 pretest release happens (announcement).

Ubuntu 6.10 ("Edgy Eft") is released (announcement).

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