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2006 Linux and free software timeline: July

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Digging in your eye-sockets with a fondue fork is strictly considered to be bad for your health, and seven out of nine optometrists are dead set against the practice.

So in order to avoid a lot of blind git users, please apply this patch.

-- Linus Torvalds

FireStar sues Red Hat for patent infringement in code acquired with JBoss (article).

Microsoft announces initial OpenDocument support in the form of a translator project (press release).

The Software Freedom Law Center pronounces OpenDocument safe for use in free software (press release). But they didn't actually look for patent problems.

GnuCash 2.0.0 is released ending a long wait (announcement, review).

I've had the misfortune of talking to a lot of different IP lawyers over the years about this topic, and every one that I've talked to all agree that there is no way that anyone can create a Linux kernel module, today, that can be closed source. It just violates the GPL due to fun things like derivative works and linking and other stuff.

-- Greg Kroah-Hartman, OLS keynote

Trolltech becomes a public company (press release).

The 2006 Linux Kernel Summit is held in Ottawa (report).

SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 is released (press release).

Fedora Legacy ends support for Fedora Core 1 and 2, almost nobody notices the difference (announcement).

India declines to participate in the One Laptop Per Child project.

The GPL license and the Free Software Foundation make sense to me if I assume that the purpose of the GPL license is to force the redistribution of all source code and to prevent commerce that does not include the unencumbered redistribution of all source code. The FSF recommends that you assign your copyrights to them, so they can insure your software "freedom." If the FSF succeeds, all source code will be GPL licensed and controlled by the Free Software Foundation; and all Laws regarding software patents and copyrights will be rendered ineffective.

-- MEPIS comes unwillingly

The MEPIS distribution releases full source to address GPL compliance concerns (press release).

The second GPLv3 draft is posted (draft). The first LGPLv3 draft is also posted.

Pervasive software bails out of the PostgreSQL business, stating that it cannot compete with the available community support (open letter).

AMD and ATI announce their intention to merge.

Marcelo Tosatti retires from 2.4 maintenance having managed releases 2.4.16 through 2.4.33 (announcement).

The Extremadura (Spain) government decides to move to Linux (announcement).

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