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2006 Linux and free software timeline: June

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I'd be wary of pursuing just the "women in GNOME" issue, because many of the same things put off far more than just women. Running around shouting "pants off" is not, for example, very compatible with the Japanese cultural expectations.

-- Alan Cox

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS is released with a promise of support for five years (announcement).

Red Hat launches Mugshot (site).

Google Earth for Linux is released under a free-beer license (article).

Libranet Linux shuts down, several months after the death of its founder.

Ethereal becomes Wireshark after its lead developer changes jobs (announcement).

These movements are at their most efficient while building hidden information plumbing layers, such as Web servers. They are hopeless when it comes to producing fine user interfaces or user experiences. If the code that ran the Wikipedia user interface were as open as the contents of the entries, it would churn itself into impenetrable muck almost immediately.

-- Jaron Lanier

The first working OLPC model is demonstrated.

The 2.6.17 kernel is released (announcement).

The Linux filesystems workshop is held (report).

The Taiwanese government mandates Linux compatibility for desktop systems (ZDNet article)

Novell names Ron Hovsepian its new CEO, replacing Jack Messman (press release).

Most of the SCO Groups claims against IBM are thrown out by the court (order).

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