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2006 Linux and free software timeline: April

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In return for all the free development work they get, it does seem to me that it's part of Red Hat's job to shoulder risks like these -- and that Red Hat hasn't held up its end. AVI. Quicktime. ASF. MPEG. DVD playback. Flash. Java. These are *not optional* in 2006, any more than the ability to read Microsoft Word files in a word processor is optional...

-- Eric Raymond

Eric Raymond takes Fedora to task for not supporting DVDs and proprietary codecs (rant).

OpenWRT revokes Sveasoft's license, alleging GPL violations (article).

Red Hat announces that there will be no Fedora Foundation after all, citing the company's need to keep control over the project (announcement).

The SCO Group fails to obtain the Unix Systems Laboratories trademark (Groklaw).

It's so hard to write a graphics driver that open-sourcing it would not help.

-- Andrew Fear, Nvidia software product manager

The Software Freedom Conservancy is launched (press release).

The Linux Professional Institute adds Ubuntu certification (announcement).

Kaspersky Labs announces a cross-platform virus alleged to infect both Windows and Linux systems (announcement). The world fails to end.

Noting that at the outset of this case or prior to its filing, it was expressed to the media and others that SCO possessed evidence regarding the misappropriation of source code. At this point, don't you have enough evidence to go forward in that regard or, to be candid about it, does it constitute fishing at this point?

-- Judge Wells goes on protest demanding more resources from Canonical (announcement).

The wireless networking summit is held in Portland (report).

Anthony Towns is elected Debian Project Leader (results).

Python 3000 development begins (announcement).

Red Hat acquires JBoss for $350 million (press release).

I have come to a conclusion that every new release of software is distinctly worse than the other. Why? It's because the fat lady can't sing. There's a natural tendency to add stuff. Suddenly it [becomes] like a very fat person-uses most of their energy to move the fat. We've gotten to the point where we have to completely rethink.

-- Nicholas Negroponte

Debian adds support for the AMD64 architecture for the upcoming "etch" release (announcement).

The free JMRI project is sued for patent infringement (article).

The Freespire distribution launches, being a no-cost version of Linspire (press release).

Scott McNealy steps down as Sun's CEO, making the way for Jonathan Schwartz.

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