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2006 Linux and free software timeline: March

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The fear is that a round of buyouts could undermine the ethos of open source. Many coders volunteer their time, spending nights and weekends testing bugs and writing patches because they see themselves as part of an important, grassroots movement. Will that motivation remain if they're just helping to fill the coffers of Oracle or other tech giants?

-- Business Week

Coverity releases its first results from its open source project audit (press release).

The proposed acquisition of SourceFire comes under governmental scrutiny in the U.S. as a result of security concerns.

The Ubuntu "Dapper Drake" release is delayed six weeks to better help make a distribution which can be supported for five years (rationale).

Wikipedia hits 1,000,000 articles (press release).

Mandriva reports a €590,000 quarterly loss and lays off staff - including founder Gaël Duval (quarterly results).

Oh, and women don't fall for the "I hack kernel stuff" line. I was lied to.

-- Mariusz Mazur

Debian stable release manager Martin Schulze quits in frustration over his dealings with the rest of the project (goodbye letter).

The VMI virtualization interface is proposed as a way to support multiple virtualization technologies under Linux (proposal).

]Xara] The first Xara Xtreme source code release happens (Article).

The OpenBSD project starts a fund-raising drive, noting that OpenSSH development could be threatened (release).

Red Hat reports on one year of RHEL 4 security responses, something few distributors do (report).

The 2.6.16 kernel is released (announcement).

Open source has an unprofessional appearance, and the community needs to be more business savvy in order to start to make inroads in areas traditionally dominated by commercial software vendors.

-- Peter Quinn

The OSDL technical advisory board is launched (announcement).

Fedora Core 5 is released (announcement).

Mandriva One is released (press release).

Gaël Duval launches the Ulteo project and announces his intent to sue Mandriva (weblog posting).

The Mozilla Foundation announces plans to donate funds to the community (ZDNet article).

Daniel Wallace loses his suit against the FSF; he claimed that it was anti-competitive (press release).

OSDL launches a "fellowship fund" to support open source developers (press release).

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2006 Linux and free software timeline: March

Posted Jan 1, 2007 14:26 UTC (Mon) by ekj (guest, #1524) [Link]

ENGLISH wikipedia hits one million. Wikipedia as a whole has had a million articles a lot longer than that.

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