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openssh: remote denial of service

Package(s):openssh CVE #(s):CVE-2006-4924 CVE-2006-5051
Created:September 27, 2006 Updated:September 17, 2008
Description: Openssh 4.4 fixes some security issues, including a pre-authentication denial of service, an unsafe signal hander and on portable OpenSSH a GSSAPI authentication abort could be used to determine the validity of usernames on some platforms.
Debian DSA-1638-1 openssh 2008-09-16
Debian DSA-1212-1 openssh 2006-11-15
Fedora FEDORA-2006-1011 openssh 2006-10-03
Debian DSA-1189-1 openssh-krb5 2006-10-04
Mandriva MDKSA-2006:179 openssh 2006-10-03
Ubuntu USN-355-1 openssh 2006-10-02
OpenPKG OpenPKG-SA-2006.022 openssh 2006-10-01
Slackware SSA:2006-272-02 openssh 2006-09-29
Red Hat RHSA-2006:0698-01 openssh 2006-09-28
Red Hat RHSA-2006:0697-01 openssh 2006-09-28
Gentoo 200609-17:02 openssh 2006-09-27
rPath rPSA-2006-0174-1 openssh 2006-09-27
Gentoo 200609-17 openssh 2006-09-27

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