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*NOT* looking forward to p6

*NOT* looking forward to p6

Posted Sep 23, 2006 5:39 UTC (Sat) by smurf (subscriber, #17840)
In reply to: looking forward to p6 by b7j0c
Parent article: Perl 6? Yeah, right.

Personally, I am not at all excited about perl6.

If perl5 resembles line noise, then perl6 is line noise at the peak of a solar flare. Just read the synopses for examples of syntax. Lots of syntax. With fine distinctions. Which no non-expert is going to remember.

IMHO, much of that stuff is at entirely the wrong level of abstraction.

I agree that there are nice features (defining new operators, named parameters, multimethods, ...), but they're going exactly the wrong ay about some of them. For instance, this

sub fun (Int $x) { ... }
f( x => 1, x => 2 ); # $x := 2

should throw an error instead. Likewise, defining an infix operator with the same name as a postfix one should be an error -- instead, perl6 will use whitespace to disambiguate them.

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