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Updating the Creative Commons Licenses

Updating the Creative Commons Licenses

Posted Sep 21, 2006 13:03 UTC (Thu) by job (guest, #670)
Parent article: Updating the Creative Commons Licenses

The way I see it, we are at a crossroad in history. All content of our society are moving to digital format. Either we go digital all the way or we do soft of emulate analog with digital to protect the analog industry's interests. (That is, DRM.)

Whether Sony will change their platform or not is completely beside the point. Is Sony even relevant in the future? Odds are that if they don't move with the rest of society to digital they won't be.

Yes, I know thay the control a lot of the content today. But pay attention to the fact that they don't create any of it. They just control it. I a non-DRMed future there are other production companies which have taken over their role. There is nothing to indicate that consumers will spend LESS on entertainment and other kinds of content in the future.

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