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Missing where?

Missing where?

Posted Sep 18, 2006 21:56 UTC (Mon) by JLCdjinn (guest, #1905)
In reply to: Missing where? by kreutzm
Parent article: A survey of the DocBook landscape

I use docbook2man to create man pages.

If there are better tools (not ideas) for transforming a docbook file to a man page I will certainly have a look.

Some casual poking around the Internet leads me to believe that the DocBook XSL stylesheets seem to be a better-supported solution than docbook2man. For example, I created a simple DocBook-formatted man page with the lang="ru" attribute set on the root element. I then ran xsltproc manpage.docbook, and the resulting troff source contains Russian section headings (although I cannot speak at all to their accuracy, not being able to speak Russian and all). Any incompleteness or inaccuracy in a particular l10n should be fixed through the DocBook XSL stylesheets project.

Granted, after generating the UTF-8 troff source, I was unable to actually view the Russian headings in a formatted man page, but that's a different story...

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