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Where have all the reviewers gone?

Where have all the reviewers gone?

Posted Sep 14, 2006 4:04 UTC (Thu) by pimlott (guest, #1535)
Parent article: Where have all the reviewers gone?

While the points about both the value and difficulty of code review are well placed, the title of this article is misleading: The reviewers have not gone anywhere, because they were never here.

Our code, we claim, is better because it has been reviewed and improved by a variety of people beyond the original author(s).
I'll let Al Viro answer that, as he did to Eric Raymond five years ago:
* you've made a completely unwarranted assumption - that widely-used and available code actually gets reviewed by many people. It's demonstrably false.
If projects are being held up by scarce reviewing resources, that's a wonderful sign that leaders are insisting upon review, not an indicator of any decline in those resources.

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Where have all the reviewers gone?

Posted Sep 15, 2006 9:04 UTC (Fri) by jbailey (subscriber, #16890) [Link]

Aren't most of ESR's statements demonstrably false? He likes to paint utopian hacker worlds that I have yet to see or meet.

The fact that people still quote him in general always mystifies me.

Where have all the reviewers gone?

Posted Sep 15, 2006 9:08 UTC (Fri) by jbailey (subscriber, #16890) [Link]

While not talking about the kernel specifically, a problem with being a reviewer is that all of us start as bad reviewers and then have to progress to being good reviewers. When reviewing, we're not trying to match our own style and habits, but those of other people.

It's hard to provide a convincing argument to hackers that they should mentor reviewers. It's a bad hill of dominoes: The maintainer probably isn't good at mentoring, they're responsible for a reviewer who's not good at reviewing, who's reviewing crap code coming in.

I don't know of a good way to fix that, really. =/

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