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Support for drivers in user space

Support for drivers in user space

Posted Sep 7, 2006 15:36 UTC (Thu) by sbishop (guest, #33061)
In reply to: Support for drivers in user space by flewellyn
Parent article: Support for drivers in user space

I think that this is a good idea because it is useful. Let me explain. I work with self-taught programming electrical engineers, and maintain a very simple USB driver for a tester we've developed to test our own hardware. I'm planning to switch to a user-space driver, though, as soon as possible, to make things much, much easier for my (eventual) replacement.

I could take Greg K-H up on his offer (to everyone in my situation, not just me personally) to have the kernel driver merged into the mainline. But the tester hosts are just now switching over to RHEL4 (with a 2.6.9 kernel). How long would it take before that merged driver came back around to us?

I have a friend who maintains a PCI driver, also for an internally used tester, at a different company. I'm sure he (and importantly, his boss) would be happy to go user-space.

License-wise, I'm with Linus. Enforce the GPL with respect to the kernel, but don't try to use it to force things on others beyond that. Free software can stand on its own merits.

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