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A comparison of Mail Transfer Agents - Part Two

A comparison of Mail Transfer Agents - Part Two

Posted Aug 31, 2006 17:53 UTC (Thu) by malor (guest, #2973)
Parent article: A comparison of Mail Transfer Agents - Part Two

I appreciate the effort, but this really isn't a very good article. As pointed out above, you give SENDMAIL low points for working well with Milters. Um, hello?

You also score Postfix as essentially perfect for all situations except Windows and small systems, yet Exim, which doesn't score as well, is preferred. And the reason for that is *not specified*... you simply say that Exim does everything and Postfix doesn't. You spend all this time reviewing mailers, but when it actually comes down to why we should choose one over the other, the cited reason is nebulous and unspecified. Sheesh!

In my years with Postfix, I have found only one situation where it didn't cope well... at one time, it didn't speak Maildir, so I had to tie it into maildrop to support those. (I think that's been added since.) It's very fast, very configurable, and *incredibly* robust. NASA's rovers crash more often. And in all its history, I remember seeing only one security bug.

For my uses, I'd rather trade off a little bit of unspecified functionality to get better security. I'm not belittling Exim, as I don't know it well enough to judge it, but I can certainly say that Postfix is grade AAA, and one of the single best pieces of free software.

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