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Reiser4: a CoW filesystem?

Reiser4: a CoW filesystem?

Posted Aug 26, 2006 18:17 UTC (Sat) by Blaisorblade (guest, #25465)
Parent article: KHB: A Filesystems reading list

Since I read (probably not fully, but maybe) reiser4 whitepaper, I'm quite surprised it is not mentioned here in the CoW category.

They specifically credit the idea (which they call Wandering Logs) to WAFL, and use it also for its easy-to-get atomicity guarantees, and I'm even more surprised since you talked with Nikita Danilov (who worked on reiserfs in the past).

Is there any reason for this? Aka is not Reiser4 a COW filesystem?

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Reiser4: a CoW filesystem?

Posted Aug 29, 2006 17:54 UTC (Tue) by vaurora (guest, #38407) [Link]

Reiser4 is many things. I am afraid I don't understand it well enough to venture to classify it.

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