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Exim & Postfix flexibility

Exim & Postfix flexibility

Posted Aug 25, 2006 8:59 UTC (Fri) by ahoh (guest, #17291)
In reply to: Exim & Postfix flexibility by kleptog
Parent article: A comparison of Mail Transfer Agents - Part One

When I was new to Postfix (that was at a time when the postgresql patch
was a brand new thing) I found the online documentation very helpful. And
it still is.

Don't bother too much with the comments in the config files (they are only
comments after all, usually only focusing on a very specifiy aspect). They
are helpful if you have allready some routine in running Postfix.

Have a look at and dig through
the problem you want to solve there. I bet most of what you want to
configure is described there with the big picture and an overview of all
the corner cases it touches.

Postfix uses more then one file and several databases. That IS different
from a single config file to catch all.

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Exim & Postfix flexibility

Posted Aug 25, 2006 18:15 UTC (Fri) by tsr2 (subscriber, #4293) [Link]

If there's a solution there (at for what I wanted to do with an MTA, it was far from obvious. The solution was relatively easy to find in the Exim documentation, so I went with Exim. IMHO the Exim documentation is significantly easier to use.

As someone who had never set up a proper MTA before, I was quite happy to set up Exim for my work, based on the available documentation, whereas I would not have been happy to do the same with postfix.

I can always find what I need in the Exim Specification or the FAQ, whereas I couldn't easily find what I needed in the postfix docs.

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