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Part of Part One of two

Part of Part One of two

Posted Aug 24, 2006 22:11 UTC (Thu) by bignose (subscriber, #40)
Parent article: A comparison of Mail Transfer Agents - Part One

> The rest of part one of this two-part article series is available [link]here

Boo, hiss. If we're going to have articles at LWN, let's make them entirely readable at LWN please.

> Part two will be featured on next week's development page.

If we're splitting the article over multiple parts, let's have it all at one site instead of split over multiple sites please.

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Split articles not good

Posted Aug 25, 2006 1:14 UTC (Fri) by cdmiller (subscriber, #2813) [Link]

I second this comment, there are now two different threads of comments for this article, not a good thing.

Part of Part One of two

Posted Aug 25, 2006 16:32 UTC (Fri) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

The 'here' link links to another LWN page. It's not 'off-site'.

Part of Part One of two

Posted Aug 26, 2006 1:02 UTC (Sat) by bignose (subscriber, #40) [Link]

Indeed, I was wrong. Thanks.

I still think it's a bit strange and confusing to give a big run-up to an article, then say "go here for the rest".

Less confusing would be the usual "Short summary of what is in this article, no more than a paragraph. Follow the Full Story link for more."

Part of Part One of two

Posted Aug 28, 2006 19:52 UTC (Mon) by kreutzm (guest, #4700) [Link]

Yes, I also "vote" for a small intro and entire article linked to, instead half an article on the main page, and the entire on a separate page (with two different streams of comments).

Part of Part One of two

Posted Aug 27, 2006 16:29 UTC (Sun) by dirtyepic (subscriber, #30178) [Link]

Still, hard to read when one is 'off-line'.

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