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KHB: A Filesystems reading list

KHB: A Filesystems reading list

Posted Aug 24, 2006 22:16 UTC (Thu) by beagnach (guest, #32987)
Parent article: KHB: A Filesystems reading list

great article.

To follow up, how about an article comparing the different filesystems in use today? There are fascinating technologies like reiserfs, zfs, xfs,... out there but more traditional filesystems like ext2/3 and ufs are still dominant. It would be nice to have a good article about the promises of the newer approaches and the real-world factors that keep older approaches popular, and if this is going to change any time soon.

And a similar article about network filesystems would also be nice:
"NFS, the network file system everyone loves to hate but uses all the time anyway."
It's not as if alternatives have not been developed - AFS and Coda, InterMezzo - or are favoured in certain circles - CIFS/SMB.
Again, comparisons of features and real world performance would be great.

Of course this kind of information may well be available from a quick google, but articles by engineers who actually work on this kind of stuff and can write in English are hard to find in the noise. Feel free to post a link...

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