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gmail account needed

gmail account needed

Posted Aug 10, 2006 22:19 UTC (Thu) by joey (subscriber, #328)
Parent article: Google's project hosting service

The bug tracker ideas sound interesting, but the whole business of needing a gmail account to work on a free software project hosted there is somewhere between annoying and scary.

We've already seen gmail account offer spam issues drown out useful conversation on some mailing lists. (Well, I haven't in a while, since I have a mailfilter to drop any mail that looks like one in /dev/null.) Heaven help a project where all the developers need to obtain a gmail account before doing work, and that spam becomes on-topic and required!

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gmail account needed

Posted Aug 11, 2006 23:33 UTC (Fri) by giraffedata (subscriber, #1954) [Link]

I don't follow you. What is a "gmail account offer spam issue" and how would having a gmail account make spam on-topic and required?

One thing that isn't at all clear from the article is why Google requires the gmail account. The article alludes to another kind of account called a Google account (which one can use to submit a bug report), and I guess that's not sufficient for Google's purposes for project membership.

gmail account needed

Posted Aug 14, 2006 23:33 UTC (Mon) by gstein (guest, #3612) [Link]

A Google Account can be associated with any email address. We also require that it is "verified", meaning that we send the address an email, and the person needs to click on a URL in there to say "yup. received it." A plain old Google Account is needed for entering issues or commenting on them; this is to ensure that the Owners/Members of a project can contact that person later.

To be a project Owner or Member, we strengthen it to say a Gmail account. As a start, it means that I can be referred to as "gstein" rather than a full email address. Real Soon, we'll be providing alternate handles so that I don't have to expose my gmail inbox. You can see these alternates in use on Picasa Web Albums.

In the future, we can also use the Gmail accounts to tie in with other Google services to enhance the entire project hosting service.

gmail account needed

Posted Sep 1, 2006 6:59 UTC (Fri) by bjornen (guest, #38874) [Link]

> What is a "gmail account offer spam issue" and how would having a gmail account make spam on-topic and required?

You can only get a Gmail account if you're invited by someone who already has one. Thus all the "gmail account offer spam".

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