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When to use Fedora Core?

When to use Fedora Core?

Posted Aug 10, 2006 20:46 UTC (Thu) by dowdle (subscriber, #659)
Parent article: Fedora's legacy changes

Pardon me while I give my opinion.

Fedore Core, while it contains server applications, it *NOT* a server OS... unless you are the type of person who wants to upgrade/reinstall at least once a year. I definitely don't.

I *DO* run FC on desktop machines because on desktop machines... I want more bleeding edge stuff. Even if there is an upgrade path between versions I prefer to do a clean install... leaving my /home intact. That really isn't that painful... at least not for me.

On servers, I run either RHEL or CentOS.

While I use Debian in a few places, I really don't care for it as a desktop OS... mainly because of the long time between major releases... although they are trying to change that.

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When to use Fedora Core?

Posted Aug 10, 2006 21:44 UTC (Thu) by smoogen (subscriber, #97) [Link]

Amen brother. The problem is that too many people have un-realistic expectations of what an operating system should do versus can do.

When to use Fedora Core?

Posted Aug 11, 2006 23:31 UTC (Fri) by yohan555 (guest, #4253) [Link]

Best option, I agree. RHEL on the server and Fedora on the Desktop, a great combination.

When to use Fedora Core?

Posted Aug 15, 2006 16:23 UTC (Tue) by wcooley (guest, #1233) [Link]

Indeed; it's a matter aligning your needs with the goals of the distribution. RHEL and CentOS with my own and Dag/RPMforge add-ons, keeps me pretty well for servers and the latest Fedora for workstations or development/preview servers.

I should note, too, that people running Red Hat 7.3 and 9 should be able to migrate fairly painlessly to RHEL/CentOS versions 2 or 3, respectively.

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