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ATI, AMD, and free drivers

ATI, AMD, and free drivers

Posted Aug 10, 2006 9:14 UTC (Thu) by Wol (guest, #4433)
In reply to: ATI, AMD, and free drivers by bluefoxicy
Parent article: ATI, AMD, and free drivers

Just take a look at the Open Graphics Project (or whatever it's called). That's the attempt to create a fully open graphics card. I gather it's effectively just a reprogrammable CPU on a board, that happens to be dedicated to chucking out a video signal.

Repeat after me "A GPU is a CPU" one hundred times - there isn't actually much difference between the two - as should be obvious looking at the PS3 or Xbox 360 - both use the Cell processor, and both divide the CPU and GPU functions up amongst the (presumably identical) cores.

If you read The Inquirer, Charlie has written that AMD *HAD* to buy a video company, because GPUs and CPUs are moving ever closer, and they needed the GPU technology to put it into the CPU, otherwise Intel's "today's blue skies" projects would be eating AMDs lunch in five years time.


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