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Performance aspects

Performance aspects

Posted Aug 3, 2006 16:20 UTC (Thu) by pphaneuf (subscriber, #23480)
In reply to: Performance aspects by kleptog
Parent article: Toward a kernel events interface

According to socket(7), there's SO_RCVLOWAT and SO_SNDLOWAT, but they are not changeable on Linux, being always set at 1 (i.e. nothing special).

Waiting for POSIX signals is a system call too (in fact, getting them too). I don't think there's anything about starting new threads like that on Linux.

Performance-wise, other than holding off readiness events until a certain amount is ready (which appears already has an unimplemented API), I'm fairly happy. Back when I used epoll in edge-triggered mode, I would have liked a way to batch calls to epoll_ctl(), when I re-armed my events, but now I just let the kernel-side level-triggered mode do the work.

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