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incredible patience?

incredible patience?

Posted Aug 3, 2006 15:36 UTC (Thu) by southey (subscriber, #9466)
In reply to: Reiser4 inclusion and social aspects by Jorgen.Fjeld
Parent article: Debating reiser4 - again

Thanks for the laugh! Perhaps you should also read 'Filesystems, Politics and the Kernel' on kerneltrap: and the linked comments.

There has been a long standing problem that the reiser4 code has not received a full review by a kernel hacker. This is mainly due to the complexity of the reiser4 code, although the complexity mainly stems from the new ideas of reiser4, the kernel hackers have been very reluctant to accept code that they, apparently, have difficulties hacking understanding, and therefore are unable to hack efficiently on.
If you read the threads, you will see that this is incorrect. It has had reviews and it is not the complexity but rather the simple things of conforming to the kernel style as well as just the sheer size of the code that appears to be the main sources of you 'long standing problem'.

Sorry, while I respect the efforts of his team, you still have to play nice with others especially when you need their help and that includes 'jumping through the hoops' as needed.

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