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SCSI command filtering

SCSI command filtering

Posted Aug 3, 2006 13:38 UTC (Thu) by abatters (✭ supporter ✭, #6932)
In reply to: SCSI command filtering by rwmj
Parent article: SCSI command filtering

> Presumably if you can rewrite the firmware, then with a bit of effort you can create some firmware which will use DMA to overwrite arbitrary sections of memory

Not really. SCSI devices are connected through HBAs (i.e. SCSI cards); the HBA has DMA access but the SCSI device itself does not. Rewriting the firmware of the SCSI device wouldn't grant arbirtary access to system memory; you would have to alter the firmware on the HBA or change the HBA driver to do that.

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SCSI command filtering

Posted Aug 6, 2006 9:27 UTC (Sun) by addw (guest, #1771) [Link]

But the modified firmware could return something different on a read than what is on the CD, so when the sysadmin thinks that he is loading some new program he is actually loading something else.

Would not be easy to do this, but ....

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