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Debating reiser4 - again

Debating reiser4 - again

Posted Aug 3, 2006 11:55 UTC (Thu) by ken (subscriber, #625)
In reply to: Debating reiser4 - again by nix
Parent article: Debating reiser4 - again

Well xatts acls had existed for years on other platforms and had posix documents on how it should work before it was added to linux this was exactly what I meant by proven usefull.

And I really do not see any problem WHATSOEVER of removing reiser4 anythime in the future as long as it has the experimental status.

We have other filesystems that has uniq features like XFS that has a special project quota that does not exist in any other filessytem and nobody has forced them to move it into the common vfs(quota) layer.

But leaving the implementation details aside the standards for reiser4 just looks to be set so much higer than anything else thats whats looks silly to me. And I have read enough about this that no amount of argumeting is going to change my view on that so you can just save yourself some time by not even trying.

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Debating reiser4 - again

Posted Aug 6, 2006 15:11 UTC (Sun) by andreashappe (subscriber, #4810) [Link]


a shame that this functionality is not implemented in web forums.

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