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Printing problem

Printing problem

Posted Jul 20, 2006 16:34 UTC (Thu) by man_ls (guest, #15091)
Parent article: Embedded Linux: Small Kernels

Great article. However, the format screws up printing on Firefox ( on Ubuntu Dapper). It seems to have trouble with the <pre> tag with a long line, so it ends up with a page so wide that it doesn't fit on the paper, and all lines end up cut up on the right.

I don't know how to solve it; it looks like a bug in Firefox, but it has happened for so long with other web pages that it seems natural now.

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Printing problem

Posted Jul 20, 2006 18:22 UTC (Thu) by NAR (subscriber, #1313) [Link]

I have similar problem with Opera 9 - the text of the article is just as wide as that long line, so I need to scroll horizontally to see everything.

But interesting article anyway, it's too bad that my 486 have just died a couple of days ago...


Printing problem

Posted Jul 20, 2006 20:46 UTC (Thu) by cventers (guest, #31465) [Link]

Yeah, Konqueror is showing the page really wide. Great article though.

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