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Non-Commercial announcements

GnuPG and freenigma

Werner Koch has announced the Freenigma service. "Over last months I worked along with another company to setup a project to make email encryption easier for the non tech savvy users. The whole thing will go online in August but it is already possible to register for an invitation. The Freenigma service creates OpenPGP compliant messages much like hushmail does."

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EFF: Texas Judge Briefed by EFF Affirms Phone Privacy

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has briefed a Texas judge on the issue of the privacy of data entered on a telephone keypad. "In the first ruling of its kind, a federal magistrate judge has held that the government must obtain a search warrant to collect the content of a telephone call, even when that content is dialed digits like bank account numbers, social security numbers or prescription refills. The decision from Magistrate Judge Smith in Houston closely follows the reasoning outlined in an amicus brief from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT)."

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EFF's Spying Case Moves Forward - Judge Denies Government's Motion to Dismiss AT&T Case

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has sent out a media release concerning the status of a legal case involving the EFF vs AT&T. "A federal judge today denied the government's motion to dismiss the Electronic Frontier Foundation's (EFF's) case against AT&T for collaborating with the NSA in illegal spying of millions of ordinary Americans. This allows the case to go forward in the courts."

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OpenDocument standard completing i-dotting and t-crossing

David A. Wheeler has announced the release of the OpenDocument 1.0 second edition. "This final i-dotting and t-crossing at the standards level is one of the last steps in the formal standardization process. Users can now know that the OpenDocument 1.0 specification is quite stable, and can deploy OpenDocument with even more confidence."

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Commercial announcements

Digium's rPath-based "software appliance"

rPath has sent out a press release announcing a new partnership with Digium. The end result is that Digium will be shipping a version of Asterisk (the "Asterisk Business Edition") which will have an rPath-supplied Linux distribution built into it, eliminating the need to install (and manage) Linux separately.

Full Story (comments: 2) donates to FSF and OSI

The Developers Portal is celebrating its first anniversary by donating to the FSF and OSI. " Developers Portal first anniversary, Webpath Technologies, today announced it will mark the occasion by donating $1 to both the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative for every disc ordered on August 1."

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OSDL Adds New Member as Marketshare for Mobile Linux Continues to Rise

Open Source Development Labs, Inc. has announced the newest member of its Mobile Linux Initiative, a la Mobile. "OSDL membership for a la Mobile comes on the heels of the company's recent launch announcement and introduction of an independent Linux systems platform for mobile phones. Designed to be readily adaptable to wireless handsets, a la Mobile's Convergent Linux Platform enables handset manufacturers to bring Linux-based smartphones and full-feature phones to market rapidly while reducing development, testing and deployment costs."

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Panda Software Launches Panda DesktopSecure for Linux

Panda Software has announced the release of Panda DesktopSecure, a security suite for Linux workstations. "The new Panda Software solution includes signature-based detection of malicious code, the Genetic Heuristic Engine -- a new technology capable of detecting more unknown malware than traditional heuristics -- and, unlike similar solutions, it includes a powerful firewall. It also has the advantage that all these features can be controlled simply and intuitively through a single graphic interface."

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Socialtext Releases First Commercial Open Source Wiki

Socialtext has announced the release of the Socialtext Open wiki. "Available for immediate download, Socialtext Open is the first open source wiki with a commercial venture as its primary contributor. Over 2,000 businesses run Socialtext Wiki products today as a hosted service or appliance. Based on the same great product, Socialtext Open is released under a standard open source license, and contains all of Socialtext's enterprise grade code aside from enterprise management and enterprise integration tools. Socialtext also announced the availability of its Technical Professional Service, a new SOAP API and the Socialtext Open Roadmap for the next three months."

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New Books

Pragmatic Bookshelf releases "Agile Retrospectives"

Pragmatic Bookshelf has published the book Agile Retrospectives by Esther Derby and Diana Larsen.

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C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 Published (KDE.News)

KDE.News has announced the publication of the book C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 by Jasmin Blanchette and Mark Summerfield.

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Pragmatic Bookshelf releases "Interface-Oriented Design"

Pragmatic Bookshelf has published the book Interface-Oriented Design by Ken Pugh.

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The Internet: The Missing Manual--O'Reilly's latest release

O'Reilly has published the book The Internet: The Missing Manual by J.D. Biersdorfer and David Pogue.

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Python in a Nutshell, Second Edition - O'Reilly's Latest Release

O'Reilly has published the book Python in a Nutshell, Second Edition by Alex Martelli.

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SUSE Linux - O'Reilly's Latest Release

O'Reilly has published the book SUSE Linux by Chris Brown.

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Calls for Presentations

Eighth Real-Time Linux Workshop, 2nd CFP

The second Call for Papers has gone out for the Eighth Real-Time Linux Workshop. The event will take place on October 12-15, 2006 in Lanzhou, Gansu, China. Abstracts are due by August 28.

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O'Reilly ETel 2007: Call for Participation Is Open

A Call for Participation has gone out for the O'Reilly ETel 2007 Emerging Telephony Conference. The event will be held in San Francisco, CA on February 27 - March 1, 2007. Proposals are due by September 26.

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Leipzig Python Workshop - Deadline for Abstracts Extended

The Leipzig Python Workshop deadline for abstracts has been extended until July 31. The workshop takes place in Leipzig, Germany on September 8, 2006.

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Upcoming Events

Akademy 2007 Call for Location and Organisation (KDE.News)

A Call for Location and Organisation has gone out for Akademy 2007. "While preparations for Akademy 2006 are in full swing, next year's annual meeting of the KDE community, Akademy 2007, is sending out a Call for Location and Organisation. Akademy is made possible mainly because of financial contributions by corporations. These corporations prepare their buget for 2007 in autumn of 2006, in order to be able to secure funding for Akademy 2007 we need to start organising Akademy 2007 early to be able to apply for sponsorship soon."

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OpenDocument Day at Akademy (KDE.News)

KDE.News has announced the OpenDocument Day at the Akademy conference. "This year at Akademy, Tuesday 26th September will be OpenDocument Day. The OpenDocument format (ODF) is a Free document file format for saving and exchanging office documents. KOffice was the first office suite to support OpenDocument and other programs have been following suit. OpenDocument Day at Akademy offers software developers interested in ODF to exchange ideas, build relations and collaborate on all things ODF in an informal setting."

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CMP Technology announces Boston Embedded Systems Conference

CMP Technology has announced the next Embedded Systems Conference. The event takes place in Boston, MA at the Hynes Convention Center on September 25-28, 2006.

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Represent KDE at Linuxtagen in Essen (KDE.News)

KDE.News has posted a call for volunteers for the Essener Linuxtage. "On September the 9th and 10th (Saturday and Sunday) the Essener Linuxtage will take place in the University of Essen in Germany. KDE will have a stall there, but needs more representatives. If you are interested in helping us man a stall or giving a talk, then please contact us."

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Healthcare IT and Open Source to be Spotlighted at LinuxWorld SF

OSDL has announced a Healthcare Day, to be held at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, CA on August 15. "The event is in response to an expected increase in healthcare IT spending in the near term and the growing role of open source software in the healthcare industry."

Full Story (comments: none) Annual Conference Program Published

The conference program for the annual Conference has been published. The event takes place in Lyons, France from September 11-13, 2006. "Conference highlights include keynote speakers from Novell and Google, and a panel discussion with representatives from Sun Microsystems, IBM, and Over the three days, the conference streams cover topics of interest to developers and users, newcomers and veterans alike. There will be a particular focus on this year on and Open Document Format (ODF), following ODF's ratification as the international standard for office documents (ISO/IEC 26300)"

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Ireland PyPy sprint

The Ireland PyPy sprint has been announced. "The next PyPy sprint will happen in the nice city of Limerick in Ireland from 21st till 27th August. The main focus of the sprint will be on JIT compiler works, various optimization works, porting extension modules, infrastructure works like a build tool for PyPy, or extended (distributed) testing."

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Events: July 27 - September 21, 2006

Date Event Location
July 27 - 28, 2006O'Reilly Open Source Convention(OSCON 2006)Portland, Oregon
July 29 - August 3, 2006Black Hat USA 2006 Briefings and Training(Caesars Palace)Las Vegas, NV
July 30 - August 3, 2006SigGraph 2006(Boston Convention and Exposition Center)Boston, MA
August 4 - 6, 2006DEF CON 14(Riviera Hotel)Las Vegas, NV
August 4 - 6, 2006Wikimania(Harvard Law School)Cambridge, MA
August 4 - 6, 2006Vancouver Python WorkshopVancouver, BC, Canada
August 8 - 10, 2006Flash Memory Summit(Wyndham Hotel)San Jose, CA
August 14 - 17, 2006LinuxWorld San Francisco 2006(Moscone Center)San Francisco, CA
August 14 - 17, 2006ApacheCon Asia(Trans Asia Hotel)Colombo, Sri Lanka
August 17 - 18, 2006Python for Scientific Computing(SciPy2006)(Caltech)Pasadena, CA
August 18 - 19, 2006The Ubucon Conference(Google headquarters)Mountain View, CA
August 21 - 27, 2006Ireland PyPy sprint(University of Limerick)Limerick, Ireland
August 28 - 31, 2006Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2006(Jakarta Convention Center)Jakarta, Indonesia
September 8, 2006Leipzig Python WorkshopLeipzig, Germany
September 9 - 10, 2006Linuxtage in Essen(University of Essen)Essen, Germany
September 11 - 13, Conference(OOoConf 2006)Lyon, France
September 12 - 15, 2006php|works/db|works 2006Toronto, Canada
September 13 - 15, 20062006 WebGUI Users Conference(The Vegas Club Hotel and Casino)Las Vegas, NV
September 14, 2006NLUUG najaarsconferentie 2006(De Reehorst)Gelderland, The Netherlands
September 14 - 16, 2006Wizards of OS 4 - Information Freedom RulesBerlin, Germany
September 18 - 21, 20062006 European Open Source Convention(EuroOSCON)Brussels, Belgium
September 18 - 21, 2006New Security Paradigms Workshop(NSPW)Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany

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Linux Quilt

Alan Robertson has a picture of his Linux quilt. What is a Linux quilt? "A Linux Quilt is a T-shirt quilt made from Linux T-shirts, of course..."

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