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Kernel Summit 2006: Software suspend

Kernel Summit 2006: Software suspend

Posted Jul 18, 2006 20:35 UTC (Tue) by bojan (subscriber, #14302)
In reply to: Kernel Summit 2006: Software suspend by davej
Parent article: Kernel Summit 2006: Software suspend

> Frankly, I couldn't care less about the 'features'.

Yeah, I noticed many kernel folks share the same view. From my, user perspective, many of those features are very important - especially speed (you kind of want your disk to stop spinning before you slam the laptop in the bag :-). Other users on Suspend2 list report that things like support for swapfiles and regular files is what they find extremely useful in their situations. And then there is responsiveness of the system when it resumes - it's simply essential.

> They're all cute hacks, but lets at least get the functionality there before we start polishing it ?

AFAIK (and this is according to Pavel on LKML), swsusp is not going to be enhanced because it's more or less deprecated in favour of uswsusp. Which is an attempt to build all those Suspend2 features in userspace. Which functionality are you referring to above? Is it the drivers or something more fundamental (e.g. recent patches from Linus to introduce another stage in suspend cycle of the kernel)?

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