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XFS a good contender. On SGIs.

XFS a good contender. On SGIs.

Posted Jun 23, 2006 22:15 UTC (Fri) by dododge (subscriber, #2870)
In reply to: XFS a good contender. On SGIs. by nix
Parent article: Time for ext4?

I only checked the two tarfiles from one archive, so it's possible a copy somewhere is corrupt.

(On two separate machines, with RAID arrays? Strange.)

That it would happen the same way in two different filesystems is certainly unlikely.

Aside: it's a bit surprising how common RAID failures can be. At a LUG discussion a few weeks ago someone mentioned that their RAID-5 was destroyed when, while synchronizing to repair a lost drive, a second drive died in the array. Several people (incuding myself) immediately jumped into the discussion with similar stories.

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XFS a good contender. On SGIs.

Posted Jul 3, 2006 23:12 UTC (Mon) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

Yes; before 2.6.15, the md driver in the kernel had no way to test arrays for read-correctness without doing a massive dd by hand or a reconstruction, and no recourse when a bad block was found but to kick the drive (bad news if reconstructing).

Neither of these are true any longer, thanks be to Neil Brown :) you're only in trouble now if you have *the same* block unreadable on enough drives.

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