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JVM default stack size and 64KB base pages

JVM default stack size and 64KB base pages

Posted Jun 23, 2006 21:37 UTC (Fri) by opalmirror (subscriber, #23465)
In reply to: JVM default stack size and 64KB base pages by vaurora
Parent article: KHB: Transparent support for large pages

I designed and implemented a mechanism for a proprietary always-memory-resident RTOS to automagically split or join pages into naturally aligned clusters in the page table to make optimal use of the available TLBs and page sizes, implemented it on PPC4xx, and helped others apply it to other software page replacement CPU architectures from PPC, ARM/Xscale, MIPS, and SH. In that OS PAGESIZE stayed the minimum size but the OS looked at mapping requests and figured out how to minimize the use of TLBs. The use case for a memory-resident system and a demand paged one makes for very different design decisions though; for Linux one makes really different tradeoffs.

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