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Live CDs Part III: Small Footprint Systems

Live CDs Part III: Small Footprint Systems

Posted Jun 22, 2006 8:24 UTC (Thu) by abovett (subscriber, #13139)
Parent article: Live CDs Part III: Small Footprint Systems

I also have recently been evaluating some lightweight live distros. My primary criteria were the inclusion of useful real-world applications, including office apps, and the ability to interface to Windows or Samba servers and thus be useful on a mixed network. I also looked at extensibility, and installation to hard disk on a low specification machine.

I looked at Puppy 2.0, DSL 3.0, Feather 0.7.5 and Austrumi 1.2.0. In my case Puppy was the clear winner. The others either failed to meet my criteria, or had applications included which simply failed to run. The requirement to configure Puppy when run as a live CD is an irritation but less so than the failings of the others mentioned here.

Andy B

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Live CDs Part III: Small Footprint Systems

Posted Dec 19, 2006 13:36 UTC (Tue) by emj (guest, #14307) [Link]

Yes puppy is alot better in basic install, though abit bigger than DSL, 83MB instead of 50MB, those
extra magebyte gives you a useable speadsheet and wordprocessor (abiword and Gnumeric instead
of ted and Siag). DSL has alot better extension installation IMHO, so installing Abiword wasn't that

But puppy really is "chatty", you have to read alot to get things done. So puppy is abit of a hassel,
and requires more HD space (at least 100MB) but comes with better default apps than DSL, which
on the other hand is easier to get running and requires alot less space.

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