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ext3 block size

ext3 block size

Posted Jun 19, 2006 21:47 UTC (Mon) by dmuino (guest, #6930)
Parent article: Ext3 for large filesystems

Why is the ext3 max block size == 4k?

Wouldn't just raising EXT3_MAX_BLOCK_SIZE at least temporarily alleviate this problem?

Obviously the performance issues dealing with large files are still there, and extents is a feature that becomes more and more important, but if you need something now that gives you filesystems larger than 8TB this might be something to explore.

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ext3 block size

Posted Jul 1, 2006 14:13 UTC (Sat) by riel (subscriber, #3142) [Link]

Raising the block size has a number of consequences for the memory management subsystem in the kernel, as well as the I/O subsystem.

Furthermore, it would mean that even small files would take up an unreasonable amount of disk space...

ext3 block size

Posted Jul 1, 2006 18:26 UTC (Sat) by csnook (guest, #36935) [Link]

In the current block layer, the block size must be no larger than the page size. Since page size is 4k on nearly all architectures, 4k blocks are the sane way to go. I suppose if you gave Itanium boxes to a bunch of kernel developers to test on, they might be inclined to work on larger block sizes.

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