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reiser4, and general administration of Linux

reiser4, and general administration of Linux

Posted Jun 16, 2006 5:16 UTC (Fri) by zmi (guest, #4829)
In reply to: ext2 - ext3 - ext4 by jzbiciak
Parent article: Time for ext4?

They way they wrote it on, I understand that reiser4 is too
intrusive for inclusion yet, as it makes many traditional things change. I
believe time has come for some "revolution" in FS, because the actual
handling is quite limited. I'm still missing the ease-of-administration I
had with Novell's Netware 4 back in 1996, where groups could be assigned
rights in the FS very simple. That's (a bit) possible with ACL's now, but
not as easy and smooth.

And, a bit OT, I'm missing something like "make that user having the right
to administrate his domain - manage users, ftp, and such". This is
currently a PITA, and not really funny. Linux is stuck with the
traditional "root is king" view, where it should adopt. SELinux seems to
be a step in the right direction, but all that SELinux/ACLs security tools
forget about the admin, who should be able to quickly manage things.
Commandline is nice and a must, but some GFX tools for the
not-so-much-keyboard-king type of admins should be there also. Just look
at Novells NDS, it's a fun to administer it.

mfg zmi

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