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Ext3 for large filesystems

Ext3 for large filesystems

Posted Jun 15, 2006 16:58 UTC (Thu) by jzbiciak (subscriber, #5246)
In reply to: Ext3 for large filesystems by smoogen
Parent article: Ext3 for large filesystems

Well, if storage requirements double every 18 months, then 1024 PB will be enough to hold them for just shy of a decade, then. :-)

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Ext3 for large filesystems

Posted Mar 20, 2007 16:24 UTC (Tue) by BrucePerens (guest, #2510) [Link]

I think I've thrown out the 64 Megabyte 3.5 inch hard disks I bought in the early 80's. It doesn't feel that long ago.

Ext3 for large filesystems

Posted Mar 20, 2007 16:35 UTC (Tue) by jzbiciak (subscriber, #5246) [Link]

It still amazes me that a single desktop icon on a modern computer takes up about as much RAM as an entire video game console had back in the 80s.

64MB in the early 80s? Those must have cost a pretty penny. I remember 5MB and 10MB disks costing several hundred dollars.

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