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vixie-cron: privilege escalation

Package(s):cron CVE #(s):CVE-2006-2607
Created:May 31, 2006 Updated:June 1, 2009
Description: The Vixie cron daemon does not check the return code from setuid(); if that call can be made to fail, a local attacker may be able to execute commands as root.
Ubuntu USN-778-1 cron 2009-06-01
Red Hat RHSA-2006:0539-01 vixie-cron 2006-07-12
Gentoo 200606-07 vixie-cron 2006-06-09
SuSE SUSE-SA:2006:027 cron 2006-05-31
rPath rPSA-2006-0082-1 vixie-cron 2006-05-25

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vixie-cron: privilege escalation

Posted Jul 22, 2006 19:48 UTC (Sat) by jfs (guest, #7140) [Link]

I was surprised to see that this was fixed in Debian (before I go to maintain the cron package) as it was done by the previous maintainer (Steve Greenland) over 5 years ago! See

OpenBSD (on which OpenWall Linux is based on) fixed this (only :) 2 years ago, but FreeBSD only did so recently:
and so did NetBSD:

Since Paul Vixie's cron is such a heavily-used package (by most GNU/Linux and BSD operating systems) and there's lots of patches and improvements from different vendors I wonder if all the cron maintainers should get together in order to do a proper review of what other's have patched and try to get an improved (and common) codebase.

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