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Kernel bugs: out of control?

Kernel bugs: out of control?

Posted May 21, 2006 17:09 UTC (Sun) by nix (subscriber, #2304)
In reply to: Kernel bugs: out of control? by malor
Parent article: Kernel bugs: out of control?

If you're rebooting whenever *any* security fix to 2.6 -stable comes out, you're wasting your own time. Read the changelogs, or preferably the patches: if you're not even compiling in the code which was fixed, there's no point upgrading.

The patches are *short*. Exploit that. :)

Personally, my firewall is a UML-based virtual machine, and the bridge to the external world has no IP address on the host, so that most attacks don't affect the host at all, but are passed straight through to the UML instance. Immediate security fixes are a matter of bouncing that instance: perhaps a minute and a half of network downtime, and most of *that* is ADSL negotation delay. The only annoyance is the dropping of persistent connections.

If you have vast amounts of state on your firewall, such that rebooting it is hard, you're doing something *very* wrong.

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